Upgrade Your Outbound Calling with Our SIP Caller

Want to boost your outbound calling without overhauling your current phone system? Our new SIP Caller has you covered! It integrates seamlessly with your existing setup as a remote extension, allowing you to make outbound calls through your current phone lines. This ensures your customers always see your number on their caller ID.

There’s no software to install; our cloud-based solution connects via standard SIP & RTP protocols over a secure TLS connection. Enjoy the ability to make up to 256 simultaneous calls and connect to up to 5 different phone systems, perfect for multi-branch businesses.

Monitor Your Campaigns Effortlessly

Keeping tabs on your campaigns is crucial. Our SIP Caller provides all the insights you need, right at your fingertips:

  • Real-Time Tracking: View campaign progress live, including contact percentages, answered call rates, successful and failed calls, retry attempts, and pending calls.
  • Daily Summary: Get a snapshot of successful and unsuccessful calls from the past 24 hours.
  • Detailed History: Access comprehensive reports with call details, including date, time, number called, call outcome, and any customer selections.
Answering Machine Detection
Automatically detect humans or machines to execute appropriate call flows
Execute call flow post-response, ensuring clear messages on voicemails
Easily Define Call Flows
Easily create call flows with step-by-step templates in minutes
Use our visual designer to customize or create call flows from scratch
Text to Speech or WAV Files
Play WAV files or auto-generate messages with Google Text to Speech
Use plain text or advanced SSML for detailed audio customisation.