Just like us, Snom is dedicated to offering the right device to match your needs.

Modularity has been kept in mind throughout development of the latest series on offer. As a result, the customer is allowed to pick and choose the features they need in their phone. Whatever you need in your phone, you will be able to find it here.

All phones have been optimized for ergonomics, and all new models feature an antibacterial coating. The interface has also been fine-tuned to be especially intuitive.

You will be able to see the result of years of research and innovation in your Snom product.


Snom has you covered even in cases where mobility and rapid installation are of utmost importance.

True to the core ideal of maximizing productivity, the Snom DECT solution allows unhindered movement around the workplace while remaining accessible to clients and colleagues alike, without sacrificing functionality.

Use of a dedicated, less congested frequency coupled with excellent audio quality and DECT encryption grant a seamless experience to the user of the handsets.

Devices for both professional indoor and outdoor use are available.


Once again, Snom’s commitment towards being guided by the customer shows through the design of their headsets.

While naturally more comfortable for longer calls, Snom headsets are astonishingly light, contributing even further towards each worker’s comfort and well-being.

Furthermore, both hands remain free during calls, boosting productivity.

DECT headsets combine the above benefits with untethered communication, allowing workers to carry out their calls around the workspace for undisrupted workflow.